International Women’s Day Networking Event

To celebrate International Women’s Day the Prince of Wales are hosting an inspirational networking event on Saturday 7th March from 11am to 12.30pm. A fantastic panel of female leaders and motivators will speak about their experiences and give advice regarding building your confidence. Leave the event feeling inspired after hearing stories from fellow business women, life coaches and inspirational speakers.


Ciara Bruton, an accredited life coach who works with heart-centred sensitive people to start spending their time and energy on what’s actually important to them, instead of drifting, dreaming and wishing. She helps them visualise and create a clear plan for action to start living and working as the next level version of themselves. She believes that each person has the answers within themselves and through her coaching, they start to live more in flow with a feeling of alignment and contentment.


Marie Nugent, a motivational speaker who believes in encouraging women to tap in to their divine goddess energy, embrace taking control of their lives and to learn how to properly love, value and respect themselves so that they can become their higher self and achieve their goals. Marie offers emphatic mentoring as part of her services and looks forward to speaking about taking responsibility for your life, crushing self limiting beliefs and embracing change.


Lucy Carty, Ceo and Founder of Eden Skin and Laser Clinic. A powerhouse local business woman who has worked for 20 years as a registered nurse and now focuses primarily on aesthetics at her clinic. Lucy has a wealth of experience and is an expert in her field of business. In her own words, she believes in ensuring a high standard of professionalism toward her customer at all times. She knows a thing or two about putting your best foot forward in business and believing in what you do.


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Prince of Wales, Athlone


Saturday 7th March