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Useful Shannon Navigation Information

Owners of deep-drafted craft, greater than 1.2m should contact the Inspectorate before travelling.

Opening Hours of Locks & Moveable Bridges on the Shannon Navigation

Boat Registration

All boats with an engine capacity of more than 15bhp on the Shannon Navigation must be registered with Waterways Ireland Inspectorate. Registration is free of charge and can be completed by contacting the Inspectorate Office closest to you. 

You will be provided with a registration number which must be displayed in a prominent position on your boat. Boats registered on the Shannon Navigation do not need to reregister when moving to another waterway.

Download Boat registration form

Public Mooring Time Limits

On the Shannon Navigation the mooring limit is 5 consecutive days or a total of 7 days in any one month during the period 1 April to 31 October.

Speed Limit

6km/h within 200m of a bridge or jetty, 100m of a lock, in a canal or
harbour and when passing within 100m of a moored vessel.

Your Wash

You are asked to consider the wash of your boat and its effect on others.
All engine-powered boats create a wave of water, known as a wash, which
flows outwards from the boat as it moves forward. Look behind you frequently
to check the effect that your wash is having on other users. You are advised
to reduce your speed in narrow channels to prevent bank erosion, damage to
reed beds and destruction of birds' nests among reed and bank habitats.
Slow down where boats are moored, when approaching quays, jetties or locks
or where water activities are taking place.

Maintenance Works

Maintenance works on the waterways are, where possible, carried out during the winter. When navigating any waterway between 1 November and 17 March you are advised to contact Waterways Ireland Operations Division or the Inspectorate before making your journey to confirm that the waterway is open.

For further information on navigating and boat queries contact the Inspectorate:

Inspector of Navigation
Waterways Ireland, The Docks, Athlone, Co Westmeath
Tel no +353 (0)90 649 4232

Assistant Inspector of Navigation
Waterways Ireland, Sommerview House,Old Dublin Road,
Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim
Tel no +353 (0)71 965 0787

Reference source:
Waterways Ireland - Shannon Navigation

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